Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Banana skin

Just after the mushroom I came across this banana skin on Paradise Street. I have no idea why this street is called paradise street as it is nothing like paradise, there is some student halls and a subway to the ring road, and nothing else at all, but this banana skin makes it more like paradise as I stopped to enjoy it.

Big mushroom stalk

Today I came over this very large mushroom stalk today that was just on the pavement. I found quite surreal that there was such a large mushroom stalk on the floor, this doesn't usually happen! 

Life drawing week 2

This week we were looking at proportion, it didn't have very successful drawings so I only have one to post :-(

Yellow tomato

 My Dad grew this yellow tomato in his green house. I really like the layered segment and the individual curve that they all have.  It also tasted great as well as looking it, I made spicy prawn linguine

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Life drawing week 1

 On Monday I started a life drawing course. It was great fun, this week we were looking at form and shading using chalks. These are my best two drawings. I think they do look like a lady which I am pleased about but the certainly don't look like Kelly our model. Sorry Kelly! Lets hope I'm better at it next week

A really really old bike

On Saturday I went for a run along the canal. On the way to Hatton under the A46 bridge was this bike frame on the other side, it looks like it has been there for ever the bike frame is so old and it is really rusty. It looks like it should be in the Transport museum how weird.

A perfect snail

I spotted this on my way home today. How perfect is this snail, the leafs behind really help to set it off. I think it made my day.